Debbie Hartley

Hi, I'm Debbie Hartley and I am a qualified Massage Therapist, having completed my Certificate of Massage in 2011 at the New Zealand College of Massage in Wellington

I come from a background in health after having practised as a Comprehensive Registered Nurse for 28 years (Qualified in Nelson in 1988) and am also a trained Midwife (Tasmania 1993).  In these years I have gained experience in a huge array of areas, from hatch to dispatch and everything in between.  My last role was as a Practice Nurse in a GP setting for the past seven years.

To me, your health is your greatest asset and although we often state that prevention is better than cure, our current health system is so overloaded with dealing with the sick and very sick, that prevention is sadly often prioritised low on the list.

That's where I decided I could make a difference in helping people to help themselves to achieve and maintain optimal health, and massage has so many health benefits.  But it isn't just about the physical massage, it's about the whole experience of looking after your health at many levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  We all know we can get sick when we are run down and stressed, so I have built my cabin in a peaceful, non-clinical setting so that we can include every aspect of your health.

Here we are on an equal level, you and I, planning your session on what most suits your needs.  It's not a treat to take time out and look after yourself - it's vital!  You don't need an excuse, book now!

Verena Fiess

Hi, I'm Verena Fiess. I'm a German trained physiotherapist currently specialising in massage, but looking to get my NZ Registration with the NZ Physiotherapy Board.

I grew up in the small German town of Muehlacker at the edge of the Black Forest. I have always enjoyed sports especially athletics, soccer and vaulting. I naturally progressed to physiotherapy after realising the importance of preventing, maintaining and improving wellbeing to prevent injuries for us humans and also for the horses I worked with. I didn't want to feel helpless anymore when my team mates got injured.

I worked as a Physiotherapist in Germany for six years before I decided to travel to New Zealand in November 2013.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my one year sabbatical at the Kapiti Vaulting Club as it has allowed me to connect with my passion for horses and people. I feel honoured to have assisted coaching the team to live their dream of participating in the World Equestrian Games in France on the 2-5 September 2014 - the first time that NZ has been represented there.

But now I feel driven to come full circle and reconnect with my rehabilitation and massage skills. So I have moved on to my life's next chapter, assisting others with their overall health at Body Mind Spirit Wellbeing.

I love helping people not only with their physical ailments but also enjoy listening to what the client wants to discuss during the session. I recognise that the mind and body are linked and that by helping one I help the other. Its all about spending quality time to sort the individuals needs and that this is through the special client - therapist relationship we form.

Although Verena is a fully qualified physiotherapist, she's not yet a member of the NZ Physio Board, and so can't yet practice physiotheraphy in New Zealand right now.

Eija Frost

My name is Eija Frost and I come from Finland. I am excited to be part of the new team in Body Mind Spirit Wellbeing. I have trained in Wellington School of Massage. In 2010 I completed a Certificate of Therapeutic massage and in 2011 courses 1-3 in Kinergetics. I have also completed my Reiki training to master level. Since then I have worked part time as a Massage and Reiki Therapist. This is a new opportunity for me to work alongside with other therapists, as I have worked on my own in my own practice so far. 

I have a back ground in Environmental Science. I completed Bachelor of Science in Geography in London, 2000. I have travelled widely and worked in many different countries with many different people. I have a strong interest in wellbeing and balanced life and am passionate in making others and myself feel good. I love one to one contact with my clients and my sessions are tailored for individual needs using often Massage and Reiki together. I enjoy listening to people and hearing stories of their lives. I let my intuition guide me in the sessions as well as my knowledge and experience.

My interests are yoga, swimming and walking (with my dog!) and the lying on the beach reading books in the summer time! I grew up with horses and competed years in show jumping in Finland. My other passion is children. I have three of my own and I also work with children part time. I have experience seeing clients from a range of ages, a 4 year old being my youngest client and the oldest of 91! I am a sensitive, gentle natured person yet my massage is often deep, soothing and very relaxing. I look forward to meeting and making a connection with you.

Anna Grafl

Hi, I'm Anna Grafl.

I'm a German physiotherapist, graduated in 2013. I'm now joining Debbie Hartley's team at Body Mind Spirit Wellbeing, specialising in massage.

I was always excited to support people, and knowing that I have helped someone is the most rewarding feeling for me.  Working as a physio or massage therapist enables me to support clients in prevention of illness and to maintain or improve their physical health, but also helps with their mental wellbeing.  I realise that all parts of our body are interconnected, and so dysfunction in one part is coming from another.  This is a challenging task and a mutual journey for both client and therapist.

In October 2015 I decided to leave Germany behind, packed my backpack and came to New Zealand.  Having completed the 3000km Te Araroa Trail on foot, I have fallen in love with the country and its people.

I am passionate about the outdoors and enjoy reconnecting with nature and the neutral, simple life that comes with it.

During my work as a physiotherapist, I saw clients after orthopaedic surgeries or accidents, supported their health after their cancer treatment and helped with their rehabilitation.  Nevertheless I was always a fan of giving a massage every now and then to make my clients relax after a long day.  I love the holistic aspect of massage.  It's not just about relaxing muscles, it's important care for body and mind.

Although Anna is a fully qualified physiotherapist, she's not yet a member of the NZ Physio Board, and so can't yet practice physiotheraphy in New Zealand right now.

Susan Ansell - Yoga

There are many different types of yoga out there and yoga means many things to different people.  For me yoga is an opportunity to link to my whole self.  Yoga can join all the parts of us (body, breath and mind) to enable us to be our full potential.  It is about freedom to move – not just your body but also freedom from all the non-useful things that clutter your mind and stop you from feeling joy.  But it is a very individual experience and it is up to you what you want to experience from a yoga class – it can be anything from developing strength and flexibility to connecting to your inner-self.

I teach a traditional form of yoga linked way back to the early 1900’s in Tibet and India (when yoga styles had not been given a market value yet!).  I am a fully certified yoga teacher through the Sannidhi of Krishnamacharya  Yoga (http://www.sky-yoga.net/).  This involved four years of intensive yoga study and before this 20 years of practicing various different types of yoga.

Each weekly yoga class is carefully constructed to meet the individual needs of the people in the class and provide a stepped process over each term. We use many yoga tools such as Asana (body postures), Pranayama (breathing techniques), Chant and Relaxation.    The class is open to beginners to those more experienced at yoga. Doing yoga in a group is a great opportunity to share, laugh and learn together.

Anyone can do yoga you do not need to be flexible, there are no religious associations – you just need to be able to breathe!

"Body Mind Spirit Wellbeing is excited to incorporate the expertise of Susan Ansell for our new yoga service that has been successfully running since the beginning of 2014. Yoga and massage have a perfect synergy to help us all reach our wellness and maintain our happiness. Both work on many levels for our overall wellbeing, be it to physically improve our flexibility and range of motion, to help us breathe more deeply and correctly, or to relax the mind from day to day stresses..."

Class times: Mondays during school terms, 7:15 – 8:15
Cost: $12 casual, $50 five trip or $90 10 trip.

To book, please contact Susan Ansell:
04 293 3556
027 274 0800

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