What are the benefits of massage?

Like many natural modalities, massage is based on the ability of the body to heal itself.  On saying that, massage has many benefits including relaxing and stretching muscle tissue, tendons and ligaments; allowing for improved musculoskeletal movement.  Massage increases the circulation of blood and oxygen to body tissues and organs.  Massage facilitates removal of cellular wastes and increases lymphatic drainage.  Massage can reduce anxiety, stress and mild depression by releasing our natural endorphins (feel good hormone) and reducing the stress hormone cortisol.  Massage can also alleviate aches and pains. 

Are there any contra indications for massage?

Like any treatment, there are certain aspects the Therapist should take into consideration, and this is why you are asked about your health at your initial consult, and any changes at subsequent visits.  There can be times where massage may be better if postponed or modified; for example it is best not to have a massage when unwell with a fever, if you have an infectious disease, or weeks 11-13 of pregnancy.  If you have any concerns don't hesitate to ask me, together we will work out the best treatment and session for you. 

How do I know who to go to for a massage?

When enquiring, you should always ask what experience the Therapist has had, or what training they have done. In New Zealand massage therapy is not yet regulated like nursing is, for example.  This means there are lots of cowboys out there who have done no training, do not know the ins and outs, and who call themselves therapists, and charge the same prices.  Would you pay your dentist to fix your plumbing?  Why give your money away to someone who doesn't know what they're doing?  My point of difference is that I have worked in the health field as a Nurse or Midwife for many years and so understand the body, mind and spirit - as well as training as a Massage Therapist at a NZ accredited institute in 2010. 

Can massage be used in conjunction with other therapies?

Certainly!  Massage can be used on its own, or to compliment other health care modalities - for example physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropracty, medical treatment or fitness training.  If you have serious issues please consult your health professional first. 

Is my information confidential?

Absolutely!  With my professional background I am well aware of client privacy and confidentiality, and if for some reason I need to discuss your care with another health professional (e.g. your G.P.) to ensure your best health and safety, I would always ask your permission first. 

What happens in a massage session?

This session is all about you!  It's your chance to completely relax and let the Therapist do all the work.  Occasionally you may have to follow a simple instruction like "roll over onto your back", or you may feel me move your arm into a different position.  You may prefer to sleep or you may prefer to chat.  But whatever you prefer, it's your time and it's your choice.

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