I first started seeing Debbie on a regular basis when I was pregnant with my third child.  It was just what I needed to get rid of those pregnancy aches and pains.  Now that my daughter has been born, Debbie has been coming to see me at my house to get rid of those nasty knots you get from carrying babies around, so I get to relax once a fortnight.  I have had so many massages at various places and Debbie is up there with the best I've had.  I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Debbie to anyone

 - Jo 

I have been getting regular massages from Debbie Hartley at Body Mind Spirit Massage for over 18 months.  What began as a way to help me deal with the pain and discomfort of tension headaches has evolved into a fortnightly experience that is now much more.  As a shift worker with an IT company I spend 12 hours a day sitting at a PC.  Even after following the recommendations to combat neck, shoulder and back strain as well as having a wonderful ergonomically designed equipment, I was still experiencing frequent severe headaches and having neck, shoulder and back pain and stiffness.  

I started seeing Debbie in March 2012 and we began with deep tissue massage therapy and massage for general relaxation to alleviate some of these symptoms.  After the first few sessions my body started feeling balanced again again and the lop-sided effect I had been feeling was diminishing, as was the frequency of the headaches.  I have continued to see Debbie every fortnight and the 30-40 minute massage that I have always had leaves me feeling relaxed and uplifted.
Debbie has created a beautiful place in the Waikanae hills for her work and I truly feel privileged to be able to visit her and spend time there.

 - Sally 

Debbie's massages are relaxing, healing and invigorating.  Working in IT I tend to accumulate a lot of stress during the month and previously had several permanent aches and pains, especially in my shoulders and lower back.

Since starting monthly sessions with Debbie I feel I'm regaining control - she always manages to get the most stubborn knots of stress moving, not an easy task in my case.
Debbie has a wonderful way of mixing relaxing massage with deep tissue, and has a spiritual dimension which is very subtle and understated but definitely healing.
We always have great conversations as well, which I imagine are a part of Debbie's holistic approach, but also she's just a really interesting and gregarious person.
Her background as a nurse is evident in her understanding of the body and her professional approach.  I wouldn't give these massages up for the world and highly recommend Debbie to anyone who wants to improve their health and wellbeing.

 - Remi 

I love my massages in Debbie's cabin - a tranquil oasis almost on my doorstep.  The atmosphere is calm and serene.  Debbie is friendly, skilled and professional.  My aching muscles are soothed, stress and tension melting away.  I highly recommend it as a 'must try' experience.

 - Bronwyn 

I have known Debbie for only a short while, but during that time have found her to be the consummate professional.  Her expertise is beyond reproach, but most of all she is a wonderful person, sensitive and spiritual.  I find her sense of humour contagious and this, along with her other qualities, contributes to what is an unforgettable relaxation experience.

 - David 

I have been going to Debbie at "Body Mind Spirit Wellbeing" on a regular basis for about six months now as I have suffered with aching shoulders and a stiff neck for years.  I found instant relief with the first massage and now, with regular visits, I manage to keep full movement throughout my 'problem areas'!

As a treat, I indulge in a Hot Stone Massage every so often which helps my usually tense body and mind to become very relaxed and calm, especially as the surroundings of Debbie's massage cabin help with the general feeling of 'being away from it all'.
I recommend Debbie's healing hands to everyone!

 - Monique 

Debbie is awesome.  She made me feel very comfortable from the very first massage.  Thoroughly recommend to everyone.  An added bonus is her medical background which is particularly nice - when you tell her what's wrong you don't have to explain everything in detail.

 - Angela 

Debbie has been able to offer me healing hands during the past 18 months when I was recommended to her by a friend.  She listens to my needs.  I have always felt comfortable, cared for and safe on her table.  I feel very calm, centered, and relaxed after my treatment.  Several of my friends now also have massages at her peaceful cabin in Reikorangi.  Thank you Debbie.

 - Lorraine

Deb's amazing healing hands relax my body so much that I feel like I'm in another world.  My favourite massage with Deb is Reflexology.  She gets to all those spots that need releasing and I feel light and relaxed when I leave. With her background in Nursing I feel comfortable in asking her questions about my health.  She has a wealth of knowledge and has a special way of making you feel comfortable.  I would definitely recommend her services.

 - Catherine

Verena is a superb massage therapist. She has helped me really improve my mobility as a keen (but aging!) crossfitter.  Her knowledge and experience in physiotherapy provides an excellent foundation to her approach to massage as well as her own interest and background in a range of sports.

Verena manages to perfectly combine sports and relaxation massage, providing an hour of time when I feel able to focus solely on my wellbeing.  It is a treat to escape to the Body Mind Spirit cabins and I am truly grateful to have found such a great therapist.

 - Jeremy

Thank you Verena for your help in keeping my aging hockey-player body in good enough shape to stay on the field long enough to achieve some goals earlier in the year.  From freeing up a dodgy hip to helping to treat hamstring and calf twinges, your physio background and sports massage skills were exactly what I needed!

 - Richard

100% great!  Has me moving without pain and so peaceful and relaxing.  I love it.  Thank you

 - Rosemary

Fabulous!  Highly recommended.

 - Joan

Absolutely the best.

 - Mark

I always leave here feeling on top of the world, and free of stress.

 - Sheila

After I had treatment for cancer a dear friend gave me a gift voucher for a massage with Debbie.  I benefited from, and enjoyed it so much that I continued to come as my gift to myself.  I find that both Debbie and Verena are so caring - they bring in their other training such as nursing and physiotherapy to bear in releasing the stiffness from my body.  I feel so good after each session and I'm truly grateful for their care of me, and look forward to my regular massages.

 - Kay

This was my very first massage at Body Mind Spirit, and I loved every minute of it - I wish I could have done it all over again!  I feel a sense of inner peace and calm at a time when my life has been turned upside down.  I am definitely coming back, but next time I'm having an hour.  Thank you millions!

 - Victoria

5 star!  I have been going for a number of years for massages and I absolutely love them.  I recommend to all my friends.  Amazing service, and very relaxing.

 - Claire

I loved my massage with Verena!  I really like the little metal device you use on pressure points which seems to be so much more effective than a straight massage.

 - Donna

Eija has been giving me regular massages for many years on a regular basis.  These vary in intensity, focus, delivery and length depending on how my body feels at any given session.  This is why I continue to visit her - she's incredibly intuitive and adaptable and my body responds to her various methods.  I believe in treating your body kindly and with respect - she is in sync with these values.

 - Lizz

I have been going to Body Mind Spirit for 7 months now for a Reiki and full body massage.  The benefits of the two together with Eija is both relaxing and refreshing.

Eija is a very easy going, pleasant woman, making you feel comfortable and at ease in every way.  She creates an atmosphere that enhances physical and spiritual wellbeing.  After your session you leave feeling lighter and empowered!

 - Nicole

Eija has an amazing balance of strength and gentleness.  Her calm nature is wonderful.  I thoroughly enjoyed my massage, and the Reiki healing was as if an angel was in the room.

 - ANS

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